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Our Mission and Ministries

The Ministry of 14/16 Rowan Street, Greenock

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

Franciscan Ritiro
Ritiro Guests
Ritiro Guests 2

At Easter time 2012 number 16 Rowan Street was set up as a little Franciscan Ritiro. The house was revamped at minimal expense. The partition with 14 was kept intact as the sliding door could easily be locked from either side if need be. The intention from the out start was to offer a place of relaxation to any Franciscan Associate who wished to use the house.

As the months progressed the tiny initial idea grew into a worthwhile and increasingly sought after ministry. Today the house is seldom without guests who come to refresh themselves both spiritually and physically.

Ritiro guests/friends have come from all over Scotland, England, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Kenya, Nigeria and USA. The majority of visitors have been laity of all faiths although many priests and religious have used the Franciscan set up for quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of modern world. People in trouble of one kind or another find solace there. In this way a listening and sympathetic ear is of the utmost importance.

During the good weather especially summertime some little families who are unable to afford holidays have enjoyed using our well equipped facility to enjoy the coastal area. Indeed it is a perfect base for day trips and sails to the various house and indeed it is. The garden is very popular with them and it is a happy sight to catch some children in snow White or Superman costumes playing around the place.


The visitor’s book (for those who wish to sign) is brimming over with gratitude making it a joy to read. Word of mouth has brought our guests and the house is seldom empty for any length of time. A booking system is in place. In this way comings and goings are regulated allowing the house to function in a smooth and organized manner.There is no charge although donations are gratefully accepted as they provide basic groceries etc. for the next guest/s