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Formation Text
The aim of the novitiate is:

To continue the novice's growth towards maturity; to help her grow in her life of union with God;

To enable her to participate in the liturgical life of the community and develop her personal prayer life;

To deepen her understanding of community and help her develop a sense of initiative, responsibility and accountability in community;

To develop her appreciation of Franciscan Spirituality and her understanding of Franciscan religious life and to test her desire and suitability for the life of our Congregation.


Entrance into the novitiate marks the beginning of life in the Congregation. It is the intensive period of initial formation, made under the guidance of the Directress of Novices and in the house designated as the novitiate house.

The novitiate lasts for two years, of which twelve months are required for validity. During the novitiate, the novices will spend twelve months in spiritual formation. For validity, the time must be spent in the novitiate house.

The aim and purpose of the apostolic period is to continue the novice's formation process through formative activities so that she may come to realise that all apostolic activity must flow from intimate union with God and may be helped to develop a gradual integration of prayer and mission.

The formative activities in which the novice is engaged are designed to enable her:

To deepen her awareness and acceptance of others, recognising their feelings, talents and needs.

To develop an awareness of the need for fidelity to and regularly of prayer, in the midst of apostolic activity and to develop an awareness of her identity as a Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

To grow in a deeper appreciation of the charism of the Congregation and to study in greater detail Sacred Scripture, the Vows, the Rule and Constitutions.

To deepen her understanding of commitment, by opportunities of service, in keeping with her ability, while further challenging the development of her potential.

The Novices
The Novices